W.C. Wilburth Inc.

Licensed and Insured           CBC1256750

August 2011

How blessed we were to find such a first class builder and person to construct our "Slice Of Heaven". It is one thing to be a talented builder but it is quite another to possess the relentless passion to complete your client's vision for the perfect home!

Bill Wilburth has earned this status. He and the talented resources of his Company are the cream of the crop! Being a CFO, I was a discriminating and demanding client and Bill rose to the occasion!

THANKS BILL -- And God's Speed!
Chris Abetz (Owner and now Friend!)

 I'm very happy to write a letter of recommendation for Bill Wilburth. As
you know, we took on a huge project when we started our "remodel" and
through it all, Bill was the only one we could truely count on. He
called us in Alaska almost every day during critical times, emailed us
photo updates and we always trusted his reports and advice. Bill was always true to his word. His heart is bigger than all outdoors and he even helped us out with our dog for 6 months during transition. He always worked with our vision and didn't put his ideas first. His expertise in our unconventional construction was so valuable. He is honest and hard working and still working with us....what more can I say???? I give him our highest recommendation. Your clients will be happy.

Thanks for the opportunity,
Kim & Tally Blair

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